The Elemental Animals (AKA, Elementals) are legendary creatures that are the main, playable characters in the game Alchemy Adventure. They use their powers and machinery to defend Earth, keeping peace and balance. All of the Elementals are named after, and represent a particular chemical-element of the Periodic Table.

Almost every Elemental in fact, is based-off a certain creature in real-life, mythology, or any other kind of fiction.



Almost every Elemental is based-on a different type of creature (whether from real-life or not), ranging from dogs and cats to dinosaurs & dragons. In fact, much of the animals (usually in the nonmetal-groups), have furred bodies. Others have scales, feathers, or even shells to protect their skin. However, only certain creatures have a special-type of layer on their bodies, such as most of the Lanthanide/Actinide Elementals possessing skin resistant to radioactivity.


Each and every Elemental Animal is aligned to a single category of the Periodic Table, including several subsets:

  • Metals (Alkali Earth, Transition, and Basic)
  • Semimetals (aka 'Metalloids')
  • Nonmetals (Halogens and Noble Gases, as well as Lanthanides & Actinides)

Battle Types

Each Elemental Animal has a different role in battle. Their health, physical strength, and chemical power vary depending on their level (1-20), as well as the amount of extra points per upgrade.

Name Information Upgrade Bonus Range (+)
Cannon Headstarter

- High strength, average power, & low defense

- Usually level-up at a faster rate

- Medium attack range

3 - 5
Ranged Standard

- Low strength, high power, & average defense

- Usually level-up at a moderate rate

- Long attack range

2 - 4
Bruiser Defender

- Average strength, low power, & high defense

- Usually level-up at a slower rate

- Short attack range

1 - 3

Powers & Abilities

Many Elementals possess powers and some traits based-on what their signature element's properties are, and their effects. Several examples are included, such as Hydrogen being able to shoot low-heated fire that is explosive (much like flammable hydrogen gas), Helium having the inherent trait of speaking at a high-pitch (inhaling helium-gas in real-life results into this), and even Bromine is capable of manipulating a fuming toxic-liquid.

In-Game Abilities

Due to Alchemy Adventure usually having RPG-style battle systems, all Elemental Animals have the options of using at least 3 powers against their opponent; a physical attack (1), chemical attack (2), and an often more-effective "special" attack (3).

While the basic physical attack can inflict a few damage, it does not produce any special effect afterwards, though the 2nd & 3rd chemical-based attacks can. More information about the varying effects can be found here.


  • Despite the Elementals usually being supernatural creatures, many of their abilities are based-off proper research of the elements in real-life.